Sheltered in: Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary

Benjamin is a young American Blackbelly sheep, who was recently rescued from Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

He was saved by animal activist PJ McKosky, who worked tirelessly with a group of vegan rescuers from NYC to save Benjamin and many other animals from the devastating hurricane.

Several other sheep and goats had died in the area from exposure to the floodwaters and contaminated water, and Benjamin was one of the survivors. He is a type of sheep typically raised for meat, so he is truly a lucky boy.

Benjamin has come a long way, but he will now have a wonderful life at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, with lots of rescued sheep friends. This video shows Benjamin playing and grazing with the other Poplar sheep; he is so happy in his new home!

He is very sweet and shy and we love him so much already. He will be able to live at the sanctuary with his new friends, safe and protected, for his entire life.


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