Sheltered in: Catskill Animal Sanctuary / Saugerties, NY

When Blossom was born she was rejected by her mother. The two of them were living on a Vermont beef farm that intended to use them for breeding before eventually slaughtering them. One of the workers took a shine to little Blossom who was alone and offered to purchase her to allow her to go to a sanctuary. The farmer agreed to let her go for free.

Meanwhile, a couple in Virginia reached out to PETA when they decided not to follow through on their plan to raise and slaughter animals. But the large group of animals were living in a hoarding-like situation. So PETA called us and asked if we could give a home to 11 newborn piglets. A pig rescue of this size is unusual, but we had recently redistributed our pastures and knew we had the room to keep them together. And so Ophelia, Madeline, Penelope, Marley, Regina, Merida, Scott, Carmelo, Kevin, Omar, and Figaro found sanctuary with CAS.

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