Sheltered in: Rooster Sanctuary at Danzig's Roost

Every morning out of 130 roosters, he is the first to make his voice heard. It's a scratchy, squeaking kind of crow with a proud, boisterous pitch. The first time Bernie crowed after coming home to us, it brought us to tears. See, Bernie was never supposed to crow again. Someone tried to kill Bernie by cutting his throat.

Bernie was found in a box next to a dumpster where he was closed in with four decapitated and lifeless roosters. His injuries were nearly fatal; miraculously they were not quite enough to kill him. He had lost consciousness, leading his attempted killers to believe he was dead. They were wrong.

Bernie awoke next to his deceased brothers when a concerned citizen discovered movement in the box. They acted quickly and got Bernie to safety and then home to us. Our veterinarian found that the wound on his throat is cut completely through, but somehow missed major vessels. His feathers were caked with the blood he and his brothers had lost.

We started to help Bernie heal. He was emaciated with a poor appetite, but every day we encouraged him with treats and gradually his appetite began to improve.

Every day the light in his eyes grows brighter. He was previously so close to death that his initial demeanor revealed the somber place he had been. He was like a shadow. There was quietness about him as he slowly woke into this new life. First he started pointing out his perch to us with his little chattering calls. Then he started pointing out other things to us and offering them as treats. In case you didn't know, roosters announce treats and offer them to their friends all day long. This is what Bernie started to do and he was especially cute when he tried to offer up his own little toes.

Against all odds Bernie has healed and lives a happy life with his new family at Rooster Sanctuary at Danzig's Roost. Six months have passed since he came home. He is one of 130 roosters who each have their own stories that landed them safely with us. Every bird that calls Danzig's Roost home is valued, respected, sheltered and loved.


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