Animal Place / Grass valley, CA

Animal Place transforms abused and neglected animals into shining stars, inspires supporters to put their compassion into action for farmed animals, and saves the lives of thousands each year.

Two shelters make up the heart and soul of Animal Place. Our 600-acre sanctuary, in the Sierra foothills of California, is home for 200 cows, chickens, pigs, turkeys, sheep, goats, donkeys, and rabbits. Ninety miles away, nestled in a canyon of rolling oaks, is our 60-acre rescue and adoption center, where up to 2,000 chickens are housed until permanent homes can be found.

What are our Passions?

Sanctuary: Shelby is an orphan of the dairy industry. How the calf ended up on the side of a busy highway is a mystery - did she fall off a transport truck or escape the farm? Lucky for her, Animal Place volunteers stopped when they saw the malnourished calf and brought her to our sanctuary. Forty pounds underweight, dehydrated, hungry, and full of internal parasites, Shelby would not have survived long without our help. Animal Place provides safe haven to victims of cruelty, farming, research, and neglect.

Rescue & Adoption: Libby is a survivor of the egg industry. Confined in a metal cage so small she could not spread her wings, Libby and 15 cage-mates existed in miserable conditions. Until Liberation Day, when Animal Place staff and volunteers were given permission to rescue 1,500 hens from their cages. Animal Place is the only organization in the country that repeatedly performs legal, large-scale rescues from farms. In the past five years, 17,997 animals have been freed from farms, often mere moments before facing slaughter. In 2015 alone, 3,779 animals arrived at our adoption center, received medical care, and found loving homes. This is all accomplished with a dedicated staff of 20 and a network of devoted volunteers and interns.

Advocacy: To protect farmed animals in every way, Animal Place actively promotes a cruelty free lifestyle.

Changing hearts: Each year, thousands flock to our sanctuary for tours and humane events. Visitors learn that the cows and pigs who grace our sanctuary are not so different from the dogs and cats who grace our homes! Tour surveys show that while most visitors are omnivorous, after a guided tour nearly all cut back consumption of meat, dairy, and eggs.

Inspiring other organizations: Our national Food for Thought campaign encourages dog and cat shelters to align their menus with their missions! Over 170 humane societies and shelters have been inspired to adopt animal-friendly policies for their events by taking meat, dairy, and eggs off the menu.

Creating activists: Students and advocates from across the globe live and work at the sanctuary through our internship program. Up to 7 interns share housing and spend 2-3 months in animal care or advocacy. One day a week is dedicated to enrichment, including meeting experts, protesting or leafleting, tabling, and learning more on the issues impacting farmed animals. These motivated activists go on to do amazing work in human and nonhuman social justice!

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