The Barnyard Sanctuary / Columbia, NJ

The Barnyard Sanctuary is located in the beautiful farmlands of Columbia, New Jersey (Warren County) and is currently home to over 700 rescued farm animals, including cows, horses, donkeys, mules, goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas, pigs, rabbits, cats and multiple types of birds.

In 2010, when we first started, we opened our doors with the simple mission of helping people who needed to rehome their pet farm animals. Boy, were we in for some big surprises!

The first weekend we were open, we took in 74 animals, so clearly there was a need for our services! Since then, over 2,000 animals have passed through our doors.

However, the biggest surprise for us was what was really going on in the farm animal world in general. The disconnect that the public at large, including us in the beginning, has between the poor animal in the field, to the slab of meat in the supermarket, is incredible. Our eyes were opened…and our hearts broken.

The journey we ultimately undertook was not one that we originally expected. Once we delved into the world of cruelties being perpetrated upon these innocent creatures, our mission became ever so much more. Personal beliefs on the rights of humans over fellow sentient beings were challenged and forever changed, our eyes forever opened.

While we are still a haven for homeless animals brought to us by the public, as well as animals seized by authorizes from cruelty cases, we are also so much more now. Educating the public, even one person at a time, is a permanent goal. Fighting for their rights our crusade.

Once you have looked into the eyes of these beautiful animals and see their fear, you can never turn your back.

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