Sheltered in: Animal Welfare League of Arlington

Arrow, a handsome buff tabby cat, was brought to AWLA in a bad state. An Arlington, VA resident found him near a local mall, with a severely injured eye.

Our shelter veterinarian checked Arrow out immediately and discovered he was blind in the other eye as well as having an injured right eye, and sent him straight to the emergency veterinarian for x-rays. His x-rays revealed that Arrow had been shot, multiple times, with a BB gun - he had more than 20 BB pellets in his head, and more all over his body.

After much discussion, the vet staff decided it was best not to remove the pellets, as this would likely cause more trauma to Arrow and they were not hurting him anymore.

Arrow was brought back to the shelter and spent weeks in an office, recovering and getting lots of love from the staff. After a few months of rest and recuperation, Arrow was adopted by a loving family and is so happy in his new home!


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