Best in Shelter 2015

Farm sanctuaries, such as the ones taking part in this competition, are often the last hope for mistreated and neglected farm animals. Sanctuaries expend enormous amounts of effort and time in rescue and rehabilitation of animals, some that quite literally drop off the backs of trucks headed for the slaughterhouse. They save them from killer auctions, slaughterhouses, stockyards, and factory farms; they save them from abuse, disease and often a hideous death. Sanctuaries offer these animals a lifetime home of shelter, food and care. Farm sanctuaries and the people who run them are to me the unsung heroes of the animal world.

Each sanctuary will choose one animal (or group of animals) to participate
in the second week of the contest. One animal
will be featured each day for a week..

All of the participating sanctuaries will be represented every day
for a week; however, one sanctuary
will be featured on each day.


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  • These are the organizations
    in the competition.

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